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Upcoming Gadgets to be seen in 2016 : An Overview

Technology is fast changing and with it comes new gadgets. Most of the invented devices are majorly meant to improve how things are done. A year never passes without a new invention from the various scientific researchers. We naturally expect new better devices in 2016 that are going to make life better. Computers evolved from larger gadgets to today’s little ones. Therefore, we expect not only inventions in technology devices, but also the improvement of the already available gadgets. The following are the latest Upcoming Gadgets to be seen in 2016:

Upcoming Gadgets

A simple list of upcoming Gadgets in 2016

  1. Glass Toaster

Most of us are used to the metallic toasters that burn your bread. 2016 is a year of change where a new toaster made of glass has been introduced though not yet on the market. It is one of the inventions of Stump f studio. The transparent glass allows you to watch your bread toast and prevent it from burning. The prototype of the gadget is not yet out but is expected soon.

  1. NeuroMetrix pain reliever

Every day, we experience accidents that cause a lot of pain. Most of us always rush for ice cubes or pain killers to relief the pain. However, technology is now on our side; if you are suffering from arthritis pain or any other kind of pain quell is the new technological gadget that is there to assist you to overcome it. It is a band that is worn on the arm that calms the pain by stimulating the nerves transporting pulses to the brain. The brain responds by blocking pain pulses from being carried to the rest of the body. You can also use to track your therapy by connecting it to your smartphone and storing the data in health cloud provided by quell.

  1. Adidas inventions

The good run watch is one of the greatest inventions that assist the athletes in training effectively. This is a gadget that was created by experienced coaches. It helps in recording the speed of an individual that can give you a summary of the exercise. It has longer battery life making it convenient for the cross country runners we always see in the world news.

  1. Sengled Smart bulbs

In the past, a bulb was only for lighting but in 2016, there is more that a bulb can offer. For instance, the snap bulb has a wireless camera that enables an individual to monitor the house from anywhere outside the house. Some of the bulbs provide internet access while others are sound recorders that can store your reminders and give you alerts when they are due.

  1. Fitness devices

These are devices from Skulpt Company used to measure the health of the muscles, by measuring the flow of the current to different directions in the body. It is used to establish the amount of fats in the body and the health state of the muscles. Once you know all these conditions, you will know when you are recommended to go to the gym.

  1. Wooden Gadgets

Some people are obsessed with natural things, and now technology has moved naturally too. Oree Company now makes wooden keyboards, wireless chargers and parts of Smartphone.

  1. Pico Remote

Depending on the health of your eyesight, the degree of the light brightness is very necessary for your eyes. Standard bulbs do not have a mechanism which an individual can use to reduce or increase the light intensity. Pico Remote from Case Company allows you to control the dimness of the light. This technology can currently be used on Apple home kit, therefore, if you are an Apple user contact Siri to be able to control your lights.

  1. Klaxon network

Most people rely on the internet to make group communication such as workplace communication. Much software such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and teleconferencing technology allows such connections but they all require an internet connection. Klaxon box is a device that allows communication and presentations among members of the same group without an internet connection. The table can store the participation by members for future reference.

  1. Virtual reality headsets

IonVR is a virtual reality headset for mobile phones that does not require any replacement after buying a new gadget. The modular system used to hold the phone is the one that needs replacement. It makes use of the Smartphone screen for its display.


Technology is what is making life simple for all of us through inventions.

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