What are various Mobile Apps and What do users look before using?

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Today, time is money. Gone are the days of spending hours at the mall looking for the perfect dress for an upcoming occasion or hand-picking the freshest produce from the market every morning.Whether it’s shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories, buying groceries, watching a favorite sport or TV series, booking tickets, or doing just about anything else, people prefer using mobile apps rather than physically traveling to a store or shop.

What are the various kinds of mobile apps available today?

Today, there is a mobile app available to avail almost any kind of service and buy almost any kind of product. Here are a few popular and frequently used mobile apps for various kinds of products or services.

  1. Food Apps

Mobile apps like Yelp, Food Panda, Zomato, Forkly, etc., help you look up your favorite restaurants, cafes, bars and eateries in whichever location you’re in. They even support online ordering and rate food outlets based on customer reviews, food critics, and magazines.

  1. Online Shopping Apps

Most websites like Amazon.com and Flipkart come with their own mobile apps. Depending on what you’re shopping for whether its clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, furniture, kitchen appliances or groceries, there are different apps available for buying anything and everything.

You can buy your entire wardrobe, kitchen equipment and household appliances, all within the touch of your smartphone. Mobile apps like PepperFry, Myntra, Groupon, Craigslist and eBay are just some of the many online shopping mobile apps available.

  1. Ticket Booking Apps

Mobile apps like BookMyShow help you book movie tickets instantly without waiting in long lines at the theater. You won’t need a travel agent anymore with mobile apps like MakeMyTrip, Skyscanner, and Orbitz.

They not only help you book flight tickets to anywhere in the world but also compare flight fares for you so that you get the cheapest and best possible rates.

These apps, including apps like Airbnb, Priceline, Expedia and clear trip, that also help you book hotels, cars, and address any other kind of travel or stay query that you may have.

  1. Financial Analysis and Stock Market Analysis Apps

Financial mobile apps like mint and BillGuard help you keep track of your Expenditure and income and help you budget and save more. StockTwits and FuturesLive help regular investors analyze the trends of the financial stock market and when to buy and sell to make a profit.

What do users look for in mobile apps?

Mobile Apps

So with a mobile app evidently available for just about any kind of service you’re looking for, it’s unlikely that users may have anything to complain about. However, people wake up to their mobile phones and the first thing they’d probably do along with sipping on their morning cup of hot coffee is switch on their favorite app.

It could be a news app, a fitness app, or a financial app, but the truth is people turn to mobile apps to run their lives. So it is integral that businesses and brands make sure they keep their users and customers engaged and logged into their mobile apps and websites as much as possible.

However, recent studies and surveys revealed that there is a strong tendency for people to download an app onto their mobile phone, use it once or twice, and then completely forget about it. Why does this happen?

When researchers dug deeper they found out that two important strategic points need to be adopted by companies to make sure their mobile app doesn’t remain unused or isn’t abandoned by a user –

  • High value equals high retention – people log onto their favorite apps to ease their minds and lighten their moods, whether it’s an app featuring the latest from Hollywood gossip or an app on which you can shop from your favorite clothing brands. The app provider has to make sure that the app caters 100 % to what the customer is looking for. While using an app, users hate popups and advertisements so the company should also make sure that these are blocked completely.
  • The less complicated, the better – mobile apps are updating all the time and can consume a lot of the user’s mobile storage space. If a business or brand is updating their mobile app, they should try to limit the space consumption to a minimum and also provide simple instructions on how to use the updated or amended app, if the changes are immense and pronounced. Zomato, for example, had recently updated their app and changed it to such a vast extent that users found it extremely difficult to maneuver through the app post the change and many even deleted the app from their phone and switched to other food apps because it became so complex to use as compared to its previous design.

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  • wow. This is very helpful list. Thanks I knew first 2 categories and a few of 3rd but not rest.

  • Hi Guru,
    The no. of mobile users in the world has crossed 7 Billion in 2015, more than total population on earth.
    With the increasing users of mobile various new applications are also introduced in market.
    A Smartphone without perfect application is of no use.
    The convenience of shopping and purchasing product online makes it better option than offline shopping. The cheaper price, easier shopping, more options and less rush is making online shopping more popular.
    With regards,

  • Superb, That’s is very helpful knowledge on my future career. Basically, I am Student of Software Engineering and I am Learning on this time C#. I have good knowledge about Desktop Application, but I can’t any ideas about Mobile Application. But, Today, I have learned on this site new. Thanks A Lot.


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