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VoLTE Enabled LYF mobiles with 4G :Budget friendly Smartphones

A brief about VoLTE:

There is a series of budget VoLTE Enabled LYF mobiles with 4G, what does the phrase VoLTE stand for? It is abbreviated as Voice Over LTE, and it is a voice call network over a 4G system and not the commonly used 2G or 3G connection.

What is so significant about a VoLTE Enabled phone with 4G? The significance here lies in the fact that a 4G network is used mainly for downloading and web browsing and now it can be used for superior call quality.

VoLTE is now considered to be the latest advancement in the mobile technology industry, and now what are the benefits of Volte.

The first and foremost benefit are improved call quality, and it is known to be better than 2G or 3G connections, mainly because a greater amount of date is transferred on 4G and it can store date three times more than 3G and 6 times more than 2G.

This Voice over LTE system is engineered with HD voice call and the quality of sound and experience is unique compared to other networks.

Some Features of VoLTE enabled LTF mobiles:

Better connectivity and coverage– The connectivity power of VoLTE is amazing, it is so robust that it can connect calls that are much faster than 2G and 3G connections and the increase in connectivity is 50%. Consumers can be assured of good connectivity even without a 4G signal, and from this one can infer that the connectivity power and area where the network is available on VoLTE enabled phone is impressive.

When there is no signal on 2G or 3G phone, you will not be able to receive or make calls. The convenience of being on VoLTE enabled 4G network is great and it functions on 800MHz spectrum, and here users can access signals even in remote locations.

VoLTE enabled mobile phone

Superior battery life– While browsing through phones in a mobile store, users prefer to opt for devices that offer efficient battery power. For this reason, a VoLTE enabled 4G phone is great, it offers greater battery power compared to other connections.

Whenever you receive a call, your phone will switch from a 4G to 3G or 2G and then it goes back to 4G, and with this kind of switching there are high chances of battery drainage, but it is not the case with VoLTE enabled 4G phones.


Video calling– You can make Skype call on 4G, and with VoLTE enabled 4G system, you enjoy calls with a longer battery life.

Now with VoLTE Enabled 4G phones being so efficient and durable, there is an awesome range of Reliance 4G LYF VoLTE smartphones to choose from. The Reliance LYF Flame 3, 4, 6, and 5 smartphones will be sold at Rs-2999. There are benefits offered on the flame 3, 4, 5 and 6 phone series for just Rs-2,999 customers can avail fantastic free 4G data connection for a period of three months.

VoLTE enabled mobile phone

The Flame 3, 4, 5 and 6 LYF mobiles are engineered with an admirable four-inch display fitted with an advanced WVGA technology. The display resolution is great and it offers 480×800 pixels and it functions on 1.5GHz quad-core processor. The Flame 5 and Flame 3 phone is equipped with 4GB storage capacity that can be expanded to 32GB and the Flame 4 and Flame 6 phone has 8GB storage power and it too is expandable up to 32GB.

If you are the type who enjoys capturing pictures then the Flame smartphone series is a good purchase. The Flame 5 and Flame 3 smartphone has a rear 5MP and front 2MPcamera, and these smartphones enable users to communicate through ten Indian languages, and the efficient usability is contributed by the dynamic software Android 5.1 Operating System.

This phone series offers dual SIM options and consumers have the benefit of choosing two SIMs to run on a 4G network, and there are other options as well, where one SIM works on 4G and the other on 2G.

How amazing is it to own LYF Reliance smartphones for a price of only Rs. 2,999 and most importantly a device with excellent VoLTE enabled connectivity? Such devices are convenient for the mass population in India where message usage power is among the best in the world.

Reliance LYF Wind 6 is a trendy phone to own, it has an elegant slender screen with a great 5-inch display that offers a good resolution of 450×854 engineered with advanced FWVGA technology. This VoLTE Enabled 4G phone runs on an impressive battery capacity of 2250mAh, and anyone who views the phone will want to buy it, it just shines to the core contributed by the refined glass finish.

Wind 6 operates on an advanced 1.1GHZ Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon processor, it comes handy for people who enjoy taking pictures. It has a 5MP rear and 5MP front camera and the storage unit can be extended to 32GB and it functions on effectual Android Lollipop 5.1 software.

It is sold with a remarkable range of connectivity features such as Bluetooth, GPS, dual SIM support, VoWiFi, and VoLTE. Customers can choose from vibrant color options such as gold, white and black. The phone is sold for a price of Rs. 5650.

The VoLTE enabled LYF mobiles engineered by Reliance are excellent phones with fantastic value for money. These phones are packed with top-quality features that enable smooth convenience and extended usage. These phones are designed with 4G VoLTE that caters to improved connectivity and longer battery power.

Reliance has combined customer centric prices, improved connectivity, and technology in the VoLTE enabled LYF phone series. Users can actually get to use a great looking phone packed with stunning features at a relatively low price. These phones have remarkable designs and display quality and customers can spend hours with their phones for recreation purposes and business discussions.

For those who are keen on Reliance VoLTE Enabled LYF phones, then these are good purchases to just be able to depend on your device anytime anywhere. Reliance has indeed churned a revolution in the mobile market with VoLTE Enabled LYF phones.

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    Battery life is also good in this phone it survive for 12 hours by using internet or another features like videos. There is good support of Skype call on 4G with this phone, it doesn’t take buffering for long duration compare to other network. All segment of LYF is incredible in features nothing can beat this with this price range.

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