How to Watch Free Movies on iPhone and other iOS devices

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So, do you own an iPhone? Having difficulty to find a free app or website that can allow you stream movies for free? If yes then we have got a solution for you. If you haven’t found a good website to watch free movies on iPhone, then we have come off the list of individual websites and apps that will allow you to stream movies for free on your iPhone. Check the list out and find the most trusted source for watching free movies on your iPhone.

The advent of technology has made some applications and website to come up and provide the most valuable services to its users. Today, we will discuss some of the apps and websites to watch movies online free without downloading on iPhone.

How to Watch Free Movies on iPhone and other iOS devices

Apps to Watch Free Movies on iPhone

Few apps allow you to watch free movies on iPhone in high-definition. All you have to do is install the best app on your iPhone and enjoy streaming movies endlessly. Check this list of free movie apps given below.

Hollywood Pocket

Though this app doesn’t have the largest collection of movies to choose from, you can stream the movies in HD quality. The most important thing is that this app is legal since all the movies are public domain. It offers the full-length HD movies to the iPhone users. The movies from different genres like action, comedy, drama, Sci-Fi, love, etc. are available to watch.

It is one of the best apps to watch a free movie on iPhone that too without downloading. You can even fast-forward, pause, or rewind the movie in between. It doesn’t only contain the latest collection of movies, but you will be surprised to see the old movies collection as well.


It is another free application to watch a free movie on iPhone without the need of downloading them. It has a huge list of categories to select your movies from including Animation, religion, drama, and much more. A short synopsis also accompanies each of the movies listed here. The users can also see the ratings given to a particular movie or video by other users.

This app even allows you to bookmark your favorite movie or video. You can even select the videos in different resolutions ranging from low to high. Not just the movies, you can even watch TV shows on this application.


This free iPhone app is another application to watch a free movie on iPhone. All you have to do is install this app and browse through the vast collection of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and other entertaining videos. The movies and videos can be browsed through the different categories present on the site.

It features three broad categories – Film, Music, and Shows. These categories are further divided into the subcategories. You can choose what type of movie or video you want to watch and then browse accordingly.

Daily Motion

One of the best video sharing website has also launched its app for its lovers. It is a great source to find the documentaries and short movies without much hassle. You can also share the videos or movies you are watching through Facebook, Twitter or email as well.

If you sign up for this app, it provides you with an extra ability for rating the videos, subscribing to the channels, and adding individual videos to your favorites to view them later.


If none of the above options works for you then here comes one f the ultimate ways to watch a free movie on iPhone. You can upload the film from your PC/laptop to the Dropbox. You can also sync it with the folder where you have kept the movies. Now open Dropbox using your iPhone and navigate to the movie link.

It will allow you to watch the movie from anywhere. The videos or movies you upload on Dropbox must be in .mp4, .mv4, or .mov format to make them run on iPhone as well using the Dropbox.

Websites to watch free movies on iPhone

Not only apps, but there are also many websites that will let you watch a free movie on iPhone and here is the list of most trusted sites for you.


One of the best sites for downloading and streaming the movies for free online is MyDownloadTube. It also allows you to watch a free movie on iPhone without much hassle. Just open this website through Safari and search for your favorite movie. You will get the link for streaming along with the short description about the movie.

Another beautiful website to watch a free movie on iPhone is It allows you are downloading the movies from different genres. The movies downloaded are of a full length and are in HD quality. Not only the movies you can even download your favorite TV shows and some documentaries as well.

It is probably the best websites to search for movies and stream them to your iPhone. Just enter the movie name you are searching for, and it will provide you with options to watch a free movie on iPhone. It will list the links were from where the movies can be streamed and downloaded as well.

It is the greatest source to watch your favorite movies online. You can browse through the latest and largest collection of all old and new releases in the world film industry. Moreover, the movies streamed on this website are on full HD. The users can navigate through the website easily and find some movies in genres. Your movie search ends here.

The Last Words

So, these were some of the best ways through which you can watch free movies on iPhone and other iOS devices as well. All you have to do is select the most trusted source and perform a search. You will easily find the links to stream your favorite movie online on iPhone. Check out for the video quality and proceed ahead.

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  • Very informative information on app to watch free watches on iPhone. Many fun apps we can enjoy on our iPhone. Watching movies on iPhone is indeed a great experience as iPhone is the best smart phone ever.