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Why Choose WordPress Blogging Platform Over Other Blogging Platforms?

Blogging has become a trend these days. Nowadays everyone owns a blog, be it a student or a startup web development company. There are so many Content Management Systems to start your blog in no time. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, are a few top CMS in the world used by a majority of people. WordPress is the most popular and owns 76% market share of all the CMS alone. There are numerous reasons why people prefer WordPress. Instead of coding day and night to develop a website, WordPress can set up the site within ten minutes. Anyone can run their blog without much trouble.

Here are eight reasons why WordPress Blogging Platform is preferred over all other blogging platforms:

1.WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress Blogging Platform - WordPress is SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization is always the priority whenever we create any blog or website. We all want our blogs to rank first in Google’s search result in the respective niche. WordPress is SEO friendly which makes sure to keep your website at a higher rank.

It uses the clean and highly optimized code for better SEO performance. It converts your titles and web pages into search engine friendly URLs so that the search engine spiders can easily crawl your web pages. There are many plugins in WordPress like Yoast SEO which are integrated with your blog to increase the SEO performance.

  1. WordPress is Very Secure

WordPress Blogging Platform

WordPress is, hands down, one of the best CMS regarding security, if not the best. It is backed up by thousands of experienced developers around the globe. The source code is updated about 80 times every day.

WordPress has an excellent User Role Management system. Here you can restrict users to specific levels regarding accessibility. Like subscribers can’t write posts and guest writers can’t edit themes. Also, there are many minor updates which automatically takes place by WordPress. There are plugins like WP Time Capsule which backs up all your files and data.

  1. WordPress has Plugins for Almost Anything

Plugins are like special functional tools integrated with your blog to carry out some specific tasks. These plugins increase the overall functionality of your blog.

Plugins like WP Time Capsule backs up all your data in case your blog gets hacked. WP Smush compresses large images to small file sizes before uploading it to your blog. Then there are social media plugins to share your blog post to every social media channel like Facebook, Twitter. You can also develop your plugin if you know about software development. You can develop plugins according to the needs of your blog.

  1. WordPress has Every Kind of Theme for Your Usage

Themes are very important on any WordPress blog. They are the complete layout and interface of your entire website.

Having a right WordPress theme for your blog is very important. You might have a health and fitness blog, food blog, travel blog. You can’t put the theme of moto blog and write about travel. You need a proper theme for your blog according to the niche. WordPress has thousands of free and premium items on the market. If you know HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, you can also develop your theme.

  1. WordPress has a Very supportive Community

The WordPress is a huge community. There are web designers, web developers, software engineers in this community.

Any kind of support needed is available free of cost. People post their queries in WordPress forum and gets their doubts cleared. WordPress never solves anyone’s problems through emails. All questions are resolved through this discussion only. There are WordCamp events which are organized all over the world where many WordPress developers come. Anyone can be a part of this community anytime they want.

  1. WordPress Can Make you Earn Money on Your Blog

Nowadays, people are earning easy money with their blogs. They just need to make their blog popular, and the traffic that they get helps in earning money. This is one of the best reasons why everyone chooses WordPress for blogging. This is called monetizing your blog.

People apply for Google Adsense to be approved on their blog. After being approved, you can place advertisements in your blog posts. Whenever someone clicks on those ads, you get revenue. But for this to happen, you need a significant amount of traffic on your blog. It can take years to gather that amount of traffic. But once you have made a brand for yourself then the money keeps rolling.

  1. WordPress is Easy to Learn and Use

You don’t need to be a hardcore developer to operate WordPress. It is so easy that any person with basic computer knowledge can create a blog within ten minutes if not less. It is because of this feature only, WordPress is preferred by a lot of beginners who have just started blogging.

It has simple drag and drop options for page building and to create landing pages. Also, no coding is required at any stage, be it updating themes, adding plugins, editing posts, every step is straightforward. The user interface is very interactive. So, whether you are an experienced developer or shopkeeper who wants a website, WordPress is your calling.

Wrapping Up

You see how many advantages you can have if you choose WordPress as your blogging platform. It is undoubtedly one of the best CMS for you. Although there are other CMS like Joomla and Drupal, they stand below WordPress when it comes to popularity and usage. Drupal came before WordPress, but still, WordPress is more popular among the user.

WordPress is so popular and has so much craze that there is a dedicated Fanart for it. More and more advancements are happening every day on WordPress. Giant companies like Sony Music, Disney powers their websites on WordPress blogging platform. Blogs like TechCrunch has million dollars turnover through their Adsense earning. With all these facts, WordPress will obviously be the ideal choice for your blog.

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