YoGigs Review – On-demand service marketplace software

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A Brief about the need of Service Marketplace:

Life of office-goers is becoming increasingly busy. People who work for more than eight hours every day know how difficult it is to keep up with daily chores. Not everyone can afford to have a full-time housekeeper. But market research tells us is that people are quite comfortable with the idea of having someone help them do their day-to-day work every once in a while.

This is where service marketplaces step in to help busy office-goers. Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity can greatly benefit by starting an online service marketplace as it is also the need of the hour. There are many services that can be a part of service marketplace, such as grocery shopping, babysitting, elderly care and more.

The profitability of this idea allures many entrepreneurs to start a service marketplace. However, they trap themselves by choosing to build the platform from scratch and waste valuable time, as well as money.

Need of YoGigs:

To address this problem turnkey solution like YoGigs, an online service marketplace platform, enables entrepreneurs to save time and start an online service marketplace at a startup friendly price.

On-demand service marketplace software - YoGigs

Continue reading to know more about features of YoGigs and why it is the right platform to start you service marketplace website.

General Overview

YoGigs offers various features, such as:

  1. Review system
  2. Live chat feature for seamless communication
  3. Bid management system
  4. Payment gateway integration

In addition to the above-mentioned basic features, there are many advanced features that make YoGigs an ideal platform for startups to start their entrepreneurial endeavor.

Explore YoGigs by using it! Check out its online demo.

YoGigs: Service Marketplace Script

User Experience

YoGigs comes with responsive design, which provides a seamless viewing experience across all screen sizes. It also comes with an instant messaging feature, which enables service seekers, taskers, and the admin to have a seamless communication experience.


YoGigs is offered in two pricing plans, namely, Go Quick (GQ) and Go Custom (GC). The Go Quick plan offer YoGigs in default responsive template at $499. The GC (Go Custom) plan offers a custom solution at $4999.

The GQ plan also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year free technical support.

To promote the startup ecosystem, YoGigs platform offers all the features with $499 plan. However, the $4999 plan comes with a custom design for people with specific requirements.

By providing the best of both, startup and enterprise world, YoGigs enables an entrepreneur to scale easily without having to worry about changing platform.

Final Thoughts

YoGigs presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn a profit while following their entrepreneurial dream of starting an online business. It starts at an economical price and offers one-year free technical support, which makes it the perfect starting point for startups.

For more information, visit http://www.fatbit.com/online-task-marketplace-script.html

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  • That’s helpful and most beneficial knowledge. Today I have learned something new after read this article. Thanks for shared.

  • Hi Guru,
    This is true that now a large no. of start-ups is started every day.
    The most of the start-ups are service sector start-up because of less investment and good future growth.
    Lots of new start-ups ideas have been generated in the service sector and they are making good profit in less time.
    Surely an Entrepreneur needs various tools to implement his ideas into reality in broader prospect; Yogigs is one of such tools.
    It looks amazing tool with lot of attracting features and promotional integration.
    Thanks for presenting us a handy tool.
    With regards,

  • Thanks for the Quality information Guru. Hope this will help me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very helpful stuff, loved it…. This is my new time coming on your blog and it’s simply great. So nice and clean. Which WordPress theme are you using on this?

    • Thanks for the visit and comment, Andy 🙂 Nice to see you hear and thanks for your kind appreciation. I am using Genesis Framework “Magazine Pro Theme” from StudioPress.

  • Hey Gurunath,

    Nowadays, eCommerce is all about buying and selling stuff online. However, its reach limited to products only, which is why a completely new market related to services was left untouched. It has really a additional robust options like end-to-end communication, review system and bidding as well as task management.

    Yo Gigs is a perfect solution for aspiring entrepreneurs looking forward to launch a potential online business at affordable prices. Yo Gigs is a platform to build service marketplace for day-to-day tasks. Website built on Yo Gigs will create a marketplace that offers users a seamless way to search for professionals and other skillful people to get their every day’s tasks done. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar


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